We’re Sponsoring Nigel – Rust Bucket Rally 2018

We’re sponsoring Nigel & his team – Rust Bucket Rally A European Car Rally raising money for charity by driving £500 “Rust Bucket” Cars around Europe in 4 days.

The Rust Bucket Rally – We’re raising money for SADs UK – a charity who work to preventing loss of life from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) and highlighting cardiac risk in the young through to middle age.

For 2018, the Rust Bucket Rally will see The Rust Bucketeers travel 2,600 miles – covering England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland & Italy. Overnight stops are in Berlin – Germany, Lake Como – Italy and Dijon – France.

There are near 50 teams going to take part. Our team, ‘Top Beer’ include Nigel Holland, Martin Scarborough and Paul Villiers.
We’ll be travelling in a 17 year old S-Type Jag.

For more information please contact Nigel Holland on 01933 673630 or mobile 07595 631447.